Should I See an Emergency Dentist If I Break My Dentures?

A break in your dentures can be a disconcerting experience, one that many people will attempt to fix by themselves. However, as easy as it might seem to run to a 24-hour drugstore and buy a repair kit or an epoxy, you can easily make the problem worse if you’re not careful.

Is This an Emergency?

The dental community typically considers broken dentures in Corpus Christi, TX an emergency. This is because they are your gateway to speaking and chewing properly, and because you can potentially cause further damage if you don’t have them fixed sooner than later. Trying to eat without dentures doesn’t just put extra pressure on your jaw, which may cause it to break, it can open your mouth up to infections if you’re not careful.

What Are My Options If My Dentures Are Broken?

Your options will ultimately come down to how your dentures have fared over time. If they’re relatively new, they may just need to be reshaped so they fit better. If they’re worn out, a dentist in Corpus Christi, TX will recommend a replacement. If you’re confident that your dentures need to be replaced, and you’re in a bind at the time of the break (e.g., nowhere near a dentist or your dentist can’t fit you in), you could consider a short-term fix at home.

Dentists in Corpus Christi, TX

Who you work has a lot to do with how your oral health progresses over time. Whether you’re considering dental implants as a replacement for dentures or you simply want dentures that are less likely to break in the first place, the office of Kenneth Gonzales, DDS, PLLC is here to answer your questions and find a treatment plan that works for you.