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Dental X-rays are the only way for dentists like Dr. Kenneth Gonzales, DDS in Corpus Christi, Texas, to examine the condition of the insides of your teeth and the spaces between them. To ensure your dental wellness, Dr. Gonzales offers comprehensive dental care, including 3D X-rays. If you haven’t had dental X-rays in more than two years or you're due for a dental checkup, book an appointment online or call today.

CBCT - 3D X-Ray Technology Q & A

What are 3D dental X-rays?

3D X-ray technology takes a picture that returns a three-dimensional view of your mouth, teeth, and jaw. At the office of Kenneth Gonzales, DDS, 3D dental X-rays equip Dr. Gonzales with a panoramic view of your whole head and neck.

Are dental X-rays really necessary?

Preventative dental care is nearly impossible without dental X-rays. Because a significant part of your teeth is invisible to the naked eye, X-rays allow Dr. Gonzales to check the inner and outer parts of your teeth carefully.

For instance, an X-ray can be helpful for Dr. Gonzales to monitor the insides of your teeth to see if they show signs of disease that may be lurking under a filling. He can also see if any decay is present between your teeth. The best way to diagnose bone loss due to gum disease is with an X-ray.

In addition to diagnosing dental conditions, Dr. Gonzales uses dental X-rays to plan the placement of dental implants, orthodontic treatments, and other dental procedures.

How frequently should I get 3D dental X-rays?

You should generally have regular bitewing dental X-rays every two to three years if you have good dental health. 3D technology increases diagnostic accuracy and offers the best possible imagery, so more extensive 3D dental X-rays are recommended every three to five years to check on the health of the bone and tissues that hold your teeth in place.

Are 3D dental X-rays safe?

Many people are concerned about radiation that emits from an X-ray machine. 3D dental X-rays are safe for patients of all ages and conditions because they release minimal radiation.

Dentists and their team typically take 10-15 X-rays a day. Although they leave the room while the image is being taken, they're exposed to some radiation. Still, dental professionals do not get cancer at a higher rate than any other profession.

You’re still able to get 3D X-rays while pregnant. Dr. Gonzales covers you with a special apron and thyroid collar as a precaution.

If you haven't received dental X-rays in more than two years or you think you it might be time for a dental checkup, call or schedule an appointment online today.